Spiritual lockdown

Spiritual lockdown

The world in quietude,suffering,finally realizing its Oneness!No one is different from another, no one is superior or inferior,richer or poorer,smarter or poor of intellect,living in the slums or in a palatial abode,holy or ‘sinner’,black or white.No matter the country, the race or religion or gender or personal situation………….the world is in a state of spiritual retreat…….a subtle,unrecognized,unknowing confinement of being ‘forced’globally into a spiritual time of living.

What we are truly experiencing is a time where we on a global scale slowly recognize that we are ONE as a human species.

We cannot go out and be outdoors as we like to,to be or visit with people we enjoy time with,to be free to participate openly in usual fun,pleasurable and exciting ventures,to work and be kept occupied,busy and to enjoy all various activities that gave us a sense of being alive.
This is a time, a grace-filled,blessed period that we can utilize wisely and allow suffering to bring us back into,within ourselves,into our true nature.Instead of being bored and feeling redundant,we can use the time for reflections,contemplation,listening to comforting soulful talks,meditations,prayerful endeavours and allowing greater/sublime inspirations and creativity to come forth from this so called ‘lockdown’ crisis……..the possibility of transformations into kindness,respect,understanding,charity, humility,loving awareness and the fearless compassion to do more…………..

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