Know Thyself

Know Thyself

When we can have a true understanding of our inner self and strive to see the beauteous within ourselves,there can be no envy,hatred, anger, judging or misunderstanding of another.When we know ourselves,we know another. Happiness comes from the wisdom of knowing the True Self!

This is a month of Ramadan, celebrated by the Muslims,a time of prayer,fasting/sacrifices,self introspection,charity and peaceful/responsible living.Does it have to be only for a month or only for the Muslims?Perhaps we can see that it truly applies to all …….Muslims and non-Muslims alike,for we are all humans on this road together,helping each other open the heart to loving awareness.

In general,people frown upon or are disturbed and feel defensive about spiritual messages and teachings…. could it be a threat,the fear that it may be against our way of living and the wanting to continue living the way according to the illusory world?

I myself at some point in my life prior to being spiritually awake felt defensive and resentful about listening to true spiritual lessons and teachings…….I felt it made me afraid of seeing the truth about myself in a guilty,shameful way.

While on a working nursing assignment in Saudi Arabia in 1998,I hated( I use this strong word) to hear and felt resentful about listening to the Muslim prayer call 5 times a day wherever I was…while in the bus,while working at the hospital, while trying to rest in the apartment,even while having time for recreation at the swimming pool,the call seemed everywhere!
I was literally disturbed and annoyed by it,it felt like a hard nudge calling me to face the truth and I wanted to ignore it so badly,I actually felt like putting my hands over my ears to not hear the prayer call.

Now,when I look back,I think those calls were so beautiful,so meaningful,so sacred,to me now it feels like the Divine(‘God’ is calling us in a personal way).I have great reverence for it and all religious traditions as I realize my Oneness with the whole of creation!Just as I remember in my childhood hearing church bells ringing calling and reminding of the invitation to pray,to ‘wake-up’,to give thanks,to be aware,to come to a place of peace within ourselves.
It is truly in quiet time with ourselves that we find ourselves, that we hear the ‘Call’.Are we afraid of our own spirituality(humanness),the love within ourselves that is free and accessible,the wonder of courage, strength,resilience and merciful forgiveness……………..

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