About the Author

About the Author

I was born in Singapore, in the year 1957, of European and Asian ancestry. I was educated in a Catholic Convent taught by Irish nuns. I graduated as a Registered Nurse in 1977 and further studied at the British Columbia Institute of Technology specializing in Emergency Room nursing after emigrating to Canada in 1992.

I live a quiet hermit-like life of joyful celebration wherever I am.

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1. What inspired you to write this book?

Writing this book first began to take shape when I came across the book, Healing the Past by Arian Sarris. This was the first book I read in the beginning stages of my spiritual healing journey in 1998. Coming face-to-face with the words “healing the past” triggered in me a deep and strong sense of sublime memories of my own beauteous journey towards inner healing, transformation and self-realization. Almost at that very instant, I was inspired and motivated to share with others what I had kept hidden within myself for a very long time; the knowledge, experience, lessons and insights that I had gained while I was changing from one of the world into becoming One with the aligning of body, mind and spirit. So, I began to take courage slowly to share a bit of myself, to write about how I started to be moved by the call to be spiritually transformed, to find the way out of unnecessary suffering and attain a peaceful abiding.

2. What do you hope readers will get from reading your book?

It is my wish to resonate and touch the hearts of all who read this book. That it may raise the consciousness and awareness of each and every human being to help make this world a better place to live in. With a passion I wish for compassion and kindness to flourish by inspiring truth and projecting the destructive effects of suffering. I hope to light and kindle in the hearts of all who read this book the joyful and peaceful merits gained by being wise to want to find a way to end suffering and resurrect all the beauty each one owns within themselves.

3. Why did you decide to publish?

It is a way of making known, sharing and reaching out to others who are sincerely looking for some form of spiritual answers, comfort, knowledge and inspiration. It is by sharing stories, experiences and learning lessons whether good, bad, or tough ones and making them accessible to the world via media/publishing that we bring awareness, cultivate and nurture spiritual growth and be an asset to humanity.

4. Tell me something not in the synopsis. 

This book reaches out to readers of all age groups and walks of life , whether you are already practicing a certain religious belief/tradition or whether you have no religious preference at all. Through the chapters of this book, you will be asked to observe your human dynamics, conditions, and limitations until subtly but surely you will come to an understanding of how to raise and resurrect the unconscious and un-awakened dimensions of your True Self! Gently let this book speak lovingly and deeply in the depth of your being.