About the Book

About the Book

An awe inspiring, enthralling spiritual journey inwards to the Self awaits for you to embark on.

What is this True Self that we dare talk about, let alone how do we resurrect it? These are the innate precious true jewels of unconditional love, divine wisdom, kindness, compassion, charity, joy, gratitude, the uncontaminated conscience and alert consciousness buried deep within the self. We want to raise all these dormant sacred qualities animating them back to everlasting life!

Are you willing to undertake this journey to this unknown sublime abode to meet your True Self?

In this book my sole intention is to act as a lamp for you. A light for you to observe in a direct, honest and clear-sighted view of all the rubble and debris that you have to eradicate and to utilize the courage within yourself for what a seemingly impossible adventure to become possible. It is with my own radical spiritual transformation experiences, knowledge and insights gained that I journey with you.